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A few steps need to be taken into consideration when refinancing. The first and most important step is getting an interest rate cut.

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At RBFG MORTGAGE we offer adjustable rate loans as well as fixed rate loans to our customers. Adjustable mortgage rates.

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We have a number of programs to help a first time homebuyer become a homeowner quick and painless.

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Our Advises To You


RBFG mortgages recommend that you choose your mortgage type based on your current financial picture, how your finances will change, how long you wish to keep your house, and how comfortable you are with your mortgage payment changing.


RBFG Mortgages Home Equity Loans can help with your home financing needs, whether you’re buying a home, refinancing your Calgary home, or looking for home improvement cash. Calgary home equity loans are a smart way to get to do what you want to do!


We give our customers debt consolidation loans which combine all of the monthly bills together and then lower the interest rates and monthly payments. RBFG Mortgages determines your eligibility for the loan you desire based on your ability to repay the loan.

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Why Choose Us

12 Ways to save money on your Calgary homeowners insurance. Contact RBFG Mortgages for more info on homeowners insurance. By choosing our full-service real estate services, all transactions are expertly handled jointly by our team of real estate and mortgage professionals with ease and the end results are smooth and hassle-free . . . So you can get on with your life!


Why Calgarians Choose Us

what we are capable of?

We are capable of handling complex transactions, credit problems, large loan amounts, unique properties, first time home buyers, construction loans, investment properties, commercial properties, new development and residential listing and sales.


Communication is critical and plays a valuable role in this process. Therefore, I can always be contacted by telephone or email even while an online application will be used. In addition, I am backed by the
extensive resources and professional staff of RBFG  Mortgages Associates.

Real Estate

As the real estate industry is becoming more sophisticated and challenging, everyone needs a professional that understands the industry and is positioned to stay ahead of the game. Nora Mcdonaldid goes the extra mile to help customers achieve their goal

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